Lessons Learned by Double Tapping in Real Life!

We all live in the age of social media; it’s a fact. If you are breathing and old enough to speak you’ve almost surely been exposed to social media in one form or another…heck I take it back. My 1 year old nephew knows what apps call grandma and which ones take funny videos. You don’t even have to talk, it’s just a part of life.

Think about it for a minute, how many people have you talked to in real time, face to face this week? 10, 15, maybe even 100? Now think about how many people you have “talked to” or connected with over social media in the same number of days. I am willing to bet that the second number is several times higher than the first. Our main avenue of connection now-days is digital.

This has its pros and cons. For one thing, social communication means you get to reach a much larger audience in a much shorter amount of time and make connections you would have never made without. On the flip side, how deep can you really get with a 140 character limit?

Some say social media is of the devil, and others say it is the greatest tool ever invented. I am not here to solve this debate today. I am here to share my experience with “double tapping in real life” and the lessons I learned doing it.

I’ve always craved connection in my life and this only amplified after I lost my closest connection. I longed to belong to something, to have friends that cared and a community to support me. I found that although I had thousands of ‘friends’ to connect with on Instagram, I wasn’t feeling the true connection I craved. It wasn’t until the Boss Babes Mastermind came into my life that I finally received the connection I had been searching for. It was so exciting to finally have a tightknit group of women who would support me no matter what I did. I truly feel validated and inspired each week! Even so, these connections are still primarily made over conference calls and social media. Everything changed last weekend when we got together and had this face-to-face engagement.

The Mastermind Retreat was truly a weekend that I’ll forever remember. There was laughter, tears, lightbulb moments, and great food! (Thanks to Costa-Vida and Slapfish for keeping us happy and full.) There were moments that could never be duplicated through a phone and I want to share some of the takeaways from this double tapping in real lifeexperience!

Emotion creates connection:

There were several moments during the weekend that I was sitting face to face, crying with one of the girls, having the best heart-to-heart ever. I am here to tell you that I am closer to each one of the girls after having these deep conversations than I ever would have been through a screen. I truly believe that when you are able to feel emotion with someone…whether that is sadness, excitement, joy, or pain… you build connections that are unbreakable. Without the face-to-face energy you share in these moments, it wouldn’t happen. Sure you can be happy together through a screen, but I truly believe nothing beats a good in-person heart-to-heart!

Once you truly get to know someone’s story, it is impossible not to love them:

We all have something and holy crap are some of those things hard! This one ties back to the first- the deep conversations you can have when you are sitting face to face with someone in the mountains, are truly unlike anything else. I whole-heartedly believe that once you get to know someone’s story (and hear them share it with emotion and passion), it is impossible not to love them. It is easy for us to judge someone online; they may share a struggle or a hard moment, and judgment allows us to roll our eyes and move along with our day. Try doing that when someone is in front of you, crying, and sharing their hard things. Again, the emotion coupled with a much less restrictive character count, adds a whole new layer of understanding and acceptance. I challenge each of you to add more understanding and ask people the hard questions. Just beware that you will automatically love them more afterwards.

The inspiration flows:

It is incredible the amount of support, encouragement, and inspiration I received from our Boss Babes Mastermind Retreat! Maybe I just got lucky with this group and not all groups are like this, but each moment that we were together, I was constantly being uplifted and motivated by someone. When you disconnect and remove the distractions, that is when inspiration comes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to get fired right up by a good Ted Talk from my phone, but imagine how much more powerful that same talk would be from the auditorium. I find that people are much more vulnerable, raw, and inspired when presented in real life.

Numbers don’t matter: AT ALL!

When the girls all got to the cabin I assure you the first question asked was NOT “how many followers do you have and how many people liked your last photo?” Nobody cares!! It wasn’t about the popularity or the edits. It wasn’t about how many collaborations she got last month compared to me. We talked about things that truly mattered and dropped the online comparison. I’ll admit, there are times when I am scrolling on Instagram and I have the urge to comment or DM a certain person, but I brush it off and keep scrolling because they have 100,000 followers and “they wouldn’t care anyways.” In real life…that fear is non-existent. Everyone learns from everyone, you compliment everyone, you talk to everyone, and you are friends with EVERYONE! The girls in this Mastermind truly blew me away. One evening we were all out back taking photos; Each time the next girl stepped up to work it in front of the camera, the rest of the girls were standing on the side cheering and clapping for her. It was such a fun energy and I saw confidence literally exploding from within these girls! Nobody pulled out their modeling portfolio and compared, we were simply cheering each other on and double tapping in real life!

I could go on and on for hours about all the amazing experiences we had at this Mastermind Retreat. Like I said, I think I got extra lucky with the group of women I am surrounded by because I have never experienced anything like this. If you take anything away from this blogpost, I hope it is this: The importance of finding a good community!

I truly believe the company you surround yourself with will either make you or break you, so choose wisely! I also hope you will take the time to connect in real life! I have had so many opportunities and friendships come my way, simply because I looked up and complimented someone’s shirt (which just wouldn’t have had the same effect online.)

If you are searching for an amazing community, a life-changing opportunity, or genuine connection…click here to apply to the Boss Babes Mastermind! I mean it when I say you won’t find another group like ours! Opportunities come and they go. It is up to you to grab ahold and jump onboard! I can’t wait to chat, connect, and cheer each other on!

If you need a friend, a cheap therapist, or a lunch date…shoot me a message and lets double tap in real life!

xoxo, Britt