Discovering A Bit of Britt

Welcome to A Bit by Britt! Thank you so much for supporting me and following along on this crazy journey! Obviously, this is my new blog and a new beginning so I wanted to introduce myself, my purpose and my blog a bit! I am Britt. I am a 22 year old dreamer! My entire goal and purpose in life, and especially with my blog, is to help others to get through tough times, overcome their fears, and love themselves fiercely. Although I am young, I have been through a lot in my life. I am going to be sharing some very personal things with all of you. As a pretty private person, this is extremely scary for me. I hope that by sharing my struggles and triumphs with you, I will be able to not only help someone who may be going through the same struggle, but also be able to learn from all of your wisdom and experiences; so please share them with me!

I know, you are all sitting there on the edge of your seat begging me to tell you what I mean by “hard and personal things”, right? ;) Well don’t worry, you will hear about a huge one of them in the next week. While you are waiting to hear more, be sure to subscribe so you’ll be the first to know the latest Bit by Britt!

As much as we think we know ourselves, truth is there is always more to learn! Whether you’re at rock bottom rebuilding, at the top refining, or anywhere in between, join me on the quest to discover YOU! By discovering ourselves and what we want, we are more easily able to make our dreams a reality. Whether you want manage your anxiety better, change your career path, or just better your relationship with your mom, let’s use the tools we have and the lessons we learn to make those things happen. You were meant for greatness, believe that! I hope that each week you can walk away from this space feeling a bit more confident, a bit more prepared to take on the week, and a bit more sure of who you are!

Now listen, I don’t want this to just be “my blog.” I want this to be a safe space to learn, grow, and share together. If you have better advice than me or an experience that would fit into the topic, PLEASE share it in the comments. I am no teacher prepared to give a lesson, just a nerdy student searching for some wisdom from good friends!

I wish I could stand in front of you all and tell you that “I once struggled, but now my life is perfect so I’ll teach you all my lessons.” Unfortunately, that is not the case, but I guess that’s where I hope my blog will stand out! I am going to be sharing struggles from the past, some that I am still dealing with the effects of, as well as any future struggles that I may encounter! I believe as we share our struggles and lessons learned, real time, we will be able to better help each other through life and cheer each other on! I may not have the perfect grammar or use the right adjectives all the time, but one thing you can count on is you'll always get the real me as we help each other Bit by Britt! 

Make sure to subscribe, as “my story” will be dropping soon and you wont want to miss this one! If you need a friend, a hug, or a listening ear, give me a call! Thanks for following along Bit by Britt!